Audit to confirm the PCR content of recycled films

The goal of the circular economy is, among other things, to produce packaging with a low level of resources, to use it several times, and to ensure that it can be optimally recycled after use or disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. The aim is for the packaging to be as recyclable as possible. The materials used in production should be kept in a recycling loop so that new materials or new packaging can be created from a product or packaging after disposal. The aim is for packaging to become as complete a material-like secondary product as possible after the use phase.

Films are very suitable for the recycling process. However, it is not possible to quantitatively determine analytically afterwards how much recycled raw material, i.e. the content of post-consumer recycled material, has gone into the product. Ugra helps here by checking the material flow of their production system within the scope of an audit and calculating the PCR content of the final product. The percentage PCR content for the respective product is confirmed in a test certificate. This allows you to independently verify the declaration of the PCR content of your product.