Seal strength on flexible packaging materials

The test is carried out in accordance with the standard DIN 55529:2012-09 and applies to the testing of seals on packaging made of flexible packaging materials, e.g. plastic, composite materials as well as coated and printed aluminium foils and papers. The sealing layer can be a plastic, sealing varnish or a cold sealing material. The sealing seams are produced either on a laboratory sealer or on a packaging machine.

There are numerous applications for packaging made of flexible packaging materials in which the bonding of the packaging materials by sealing plays the central role. Examples are sealing between similar and different thermoplastic materials or sealing between a thermoplastic sealing medium and a non-thermoplastic packaging material to join different parts of a package. Certain strength requirements are placed on these joints by sealing in order to ensure the intended use of the packaging. The required strength of the sealing seams often determines the selection and application of raw materials, but also the area of use with the associated requirements for safety and economy.