Simulation of hand abrasion

Nowadays, the flawless functionality of a product is taken for granted by customers. Our perception of quality is therefore primarily shaped by the visual appearance. Abrasion marks on the surface – produced by the human hand – are mainly responsible for the reduced quality perception of a product. The abrasion can cause lasting damage to the surface and thus leads to a reduction in value and a quality defect of a product. With the TRIBOTOUCH testing device, we simulate the abrasion of the human hand on the finished product. The qualified test statement thus prevents annoying quality defects.

Hand abrasion is a very complex chemical and mechanical bond. The impact of the hand (finger) on the surface causes a local mechanical squeezing, followed by a rubbing motion. The viscoelastic material properties of the human hand, in combination with the rough and textured surface of the skin, cause high abrasion potential. In addition, hand sweat or hand cream create an aggressive chemical environment.

All products that are intended to have a long service life and that regularly come into contact with the user’s hands are suitable for testing. We will be happy to clarify the feasibility of testing your product (test statement, object size) directly with you.

Exemplary product applications:
  • 2- and 3-dimensional printed objects
  • Banknotes
  • Payment and customer cards such as credit cards
  • Operating elements on machines

Typical printing processes:
  • Tampon printing
  • Silkscreen printing
  • Inkjet printing