swissPSD® Certification acc. to ISO/TS 15311

The ugraCert® swissPSD® certification system consists of several certification programmes in which the conformity of defined requirements is checked according to various ISO standards and specifications. The most important standard is ISO/TS 15311-2:2018.

The individual certification programmes are applied along the value chain. The target group of the certification system are production agencies, print and media prepress companies, printers as well as in-house printers.

Certification programmes:
  • Organsisation
  • Documentation
  • Premedia/Publishing PDF/X
  • Standard light
  • Digital printing process
  • Postpress

Standard reference:

ISO/TS 15311-2:2018
Graphic technology — Print quality requirements for printed matter — Part 2: Commercial print applications utilizing digital printing technologies
Graphische Technik – Anforderungen an die Druckqualität von Drucksachen – Teil 2: Kommerzielle Druckanwendungen unter Verwendung digitaler Drucktechnologien
Technologie graphique – Exigences de qualité d’impression pour les imprimés – Partie 2 : Applications d’impression commerciale utilisant les technologies d’impression numérique

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  • CLIENT Agencies, Printers, Inhouse-Printers