Ugra Abrasion Tester

CHF 995.00


Testing of abrasion resistance on paper and card board

If two surfaces in contact one with the other, are rubbed together, the result of this kind of pressure is called friction. The term “abrasion resistance” has the same meaning as the term “friction resistance”. “Wipe resistance” or «wet abrasion resistance» are however not the same as normal abrasion resistance. It is an essential condition of testing for abrasion resistance of paper or cardboard prints that the printed test sample is dry.

Test method

The device is basically a construction of the following four elements:

  • a guiding slide-frame equipped with screw-fitted counter
  • an abrasion sled gliding on the frame
  • a metal block (weight 530 g) supported freely by the guiding frame, the lower side covered by a foam rubber coating
  • a smooth Plexiglas board (size approx. 14 x 26 cm) serving as abrasion base.
The metal block has a surface area of 50 x 50 mm which causes an abrasive pressure of 2 mN/mm2 or 0.2 N/cm2. The friction path measures 2 x 10 cm per double movement (to-and-fro) and is registered automatically by the counter.

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Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 29 × 16.5 × 8 cm