Visual PRINT Reference Testform

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The «Visual PRINT Reference» (VPR) is intended to check every production process step in an efficient way. The testform contains of 8 pages, delivered as RGB and CMYK data set on CD-ROM as well as printed reference sheets. Using VPR the whole workflow can be checked starting from data input to final printing acc. to ISO 12647-2 or ISO 12647-3.

The Visual PRINT Reference contains special selected images, which quickly show printing process variations reveal printing problems. Using the test pages you can visually assess the monitor colour appearance, digital proofing and the printing acc. to ISO 12647-2:2013. For measurement-based evaluation the «Ugra/Fogra Media Wedge CMYK v3.0» and the «ECI GrayCon M i1 v3» are integrated on all 8 test pages.

The reference sheets are printed acc. to two ISO standard printing conditions:

  • PS1 coated paper
  • PS5 uncoated paper

The used paper substrate of VPR, Papyrus MultiArt Silk (PS1) und Papyrus PlanoSpeed (PS5), are available at paper traders.

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