Ugra Visual Print Reference®

For agencies, producers and printers

Reference test form acc. to ISO 12647-2 and PSO

Ugra Visual Print Reference®

Version 3.0

Functional principle

The Visual Print Reference consists of 8 individual pages in A4 format. The modular pages allow the flexible use of the VPR on different print formats and for different printing systems.
Each page contains two typical colour- and scene-specific image themes as well as two measuring wedges.

Areas of application

The Visual Print Reference is best suited for the following applications:

  • Colour matching of digital proofing systems
  • Colour matching of digital printing systems
  • Colour matching of offset printing presses
  • Reference for regular internal calibration and test trials
  • Measurement evaluation based on measuring wedges
  • Preparation for certification audits
  • Regular internal print process audits

Colour matching

The Visual Print Reference has been produced in accordance with Process Standard Offset and in compliance with ISO 12647-2:2013. When stored in a light-protected place, the test pages can be used as a reference for colour samples for internal calibration and process optimisation of printing systems.

Scope of delivery

Included with the Visual Print Reference (full version) are:

  • PDF data of the 8 VPR pages (eciRGB, PSO Coated/Uncoated V3)
  • 1x print sample à 8 pages for the printing condition PSO Coated V3
  • 1x print sample à 8 pages for the printing condition PSO Uncoated V3
  • 1x Ugra Light Indicator Card D50
  • 1x voucher for an ugraCert® Proof Validation

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  • VPR Upgrade
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Printed in Switzerland.


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The VPR reference pages are produced under optimal printing process conditions. For each batch, conformity is determined metrologically according to ISO 12647-2. Even if the print run is statistically assessed as conforming, individual pages may be outside the tolerance under certain circumstances. Another factor is the age and storage conditions of the printed sheets. Paper is subject to a natural ageing process, even under light-protected conditions. If the sheets are not stored protected from light in the black envelope supplied for this purpose, the ageing process accelerates and the colour appearance changes.

The Visual Print Reference is produced in Switzerland (printed in Switzerland).

Prerequisite for the purchase of the VPR upgrade is the submission of a valid licence number.