ISO 1974 – Determination of tearing resistance

The tear resistance of paper is the average force per sheet required to continue the tearing of an incised sample.

The determination of the tear resistance of paper according to the ISO 1974 standard method can also be used for cardboard with a low mass per unit area, provided that the tear resistance is within the measuring range of the instrument.

This method is not applicable to corrugated board. However, it can be applied to individual layers of corrugated board. This method is unsuitable for determining the tear strength of highly directional papers (or boards) in the transverse direction.

Standard reference:

ISO 1974:2012
Bestimmung des Durchreisswiderstandes – Elmendorf Methode
Determination of tearing resistance – Elmendorf method
Détermination de la résistance au déchirement – Méthode Elmendorf

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