Being an accredited laboratory and independent certification body
we test and confirm the conformity of specified requirements related to
products, systems, processes or persons.

Certification by industries



  • PDFX-ready Certifications
  • UgraPSO Certification for advertising agencies

Printing industry

  • UgraPSO Certification
  • Ugra Certifed Experts

Printing ink industry

  • Printing inks acc. to ISO 2846


  • Carrier bags, bags and garbage bags

UgraPSO / ISO 12647-2

Ugra certifies worldwide prepress and print shops. UgraPSO Certification confirms, that these companies produce in compliance with ProcessStandard Offset / ISO 12647-2 and further relevant ISO standards.
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  • Organisation acc. to ISO 9001
  • Data transfer and preflight
  • Data creation PDF/X ISO 15930
  • Monitor ISO 12646
  • Digitalproof ISO 12647-7
  • Printing plates
  • Printing ISO 12647-2
  • Standard illumination ISO 3664

Printing inks

Certified printing inks acc. to ISO 2846 are an important prerequisite for the standardisation and process optimisation acc. to ProcessStandard Offset. Ugra certifies printing inks of several manufacturers worldwide.

  • ISO 2846-1 Printing inks sheetfed offset
  • ISO 2846-1 Printing inks heatset offset
  • ISO 2846-2 Printing inks coldset offset


Ugra is a certification body of the PDFX-ready association. Interested companies may obtain the Creator Classic and Output Classic Certificate. Professionals can be certified as well als Certified Expert Creator. More information on pdfx-ready.ch.

  • PDFX-ready Creator Classic
  • PDFX-ready Output Proof
  • PDFX-ready Output Digital
  • PDFX-ready Output Offset
  • PDFX-ready Certified Expert Creator

Your road to certification

1. Application for certification

The certifications of Ugra are open to all interested organizations or individuals and can be applied in writing.

2. Conformity assessment

The conformity assessment takes place in the form of an audit, a measurement evaluation or a written test.

3. Certification

If compliance of the underlying scope is demonstrated, the certification body confirms this with a certificate.

Brief terminology of certification

A specified requirement is a need or expectation that is stated. (Source: ISO 17000:2004)

Range or characteristics of objects of conformity assessment covered by attestation. (Source: ISO 17000:2004)

Demonstration that specified requirements relating to a product, process, system, person or body are fulfilled. (Source: ISO 17000:2004)

Conformity assessment activity that is performed by the person or organization that provides the object. A first-party attestation is also designated as declaration. (Source: ISO 17000:2004)

Conformity assessment activity that is performed by a person or organization that has a user interest in the object. (Quelle: ISO 17000:2004)

NOTE: Persons or organizations performing second-party conformity assessment activity include, for example, purchasers or users of products or potential customers seeking to rely on a supplier's management system, or organizations representing those interests.

Third-party conformity assessment activity that is performed by a person or body that is independent of the person or organization that provides the object and of user interests of that object. (Source: ISO 17000:2004)

NOTE: Ugra provides third-party conformity assessment services.

Body that performs conformity assessment services. (Source: ISO 17000:2005)

NOTE: Ugra is a third-party conformity assessment body.

Protected mark issued by a body performing third-party conformity assessment, indicating that an object of conformity assessment (product, process, , person, system or body) is in conformity with specified requirements. (Source: ISO 17030:2003)

NOTE: Ugra issues conformity marks for their respective conformity assessment services.

Third-party attestation related to products, processes, systems or persons. (Source: ISO 17000:2004)