ugraCert® PSO Certification acc. to ISO 12647-2

The ugraCert® swissPSO® certification system consists of eight certification programmes, in which the conformity of defined requirements is checked according to various ISO standards and specifications. The most important standard is ISO 12647-2:2013.

The individual certification programmes are applied along the value chain. The target group of the certification system are production agencies, print and media prepress companies, printers as well as bookbinding companies.

Certification programmes:
  • Organsisation
  • Documentation
  • Premedia/Publishing
  • Standard lighting conditions
  • Digital proofing
  • CtP Printing plate making
  • Printing process
  • Postpress

Standard reference:

ISO 12647-2:2013
Graphic technology — Process control for the production of half-tone colour separations, proof and production prints — Part 2: Offset lithographic processes
Drucktechnik – Prozesskontrolle für die Herstellung von autotypischen Farbauszügen, Prüfdrucken und Auflagendrucken – Offsetdruckverfahren
Technologie graphique – Contrôle des procédés pour la production de séparations de couleurs en demi-teinte, d’épreuves et d’impressions de production – Partie 2 : Procédés lithographiques offset

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