Light audit acc. to ISO 3664:2009

As part of the ugraCert® lighting audit, the conformity of the standard lighting sampling condition is checked according to the ISO 3664:2009 standard. The auditor measures the standard lighting conditions and checks the ambient conditions on site. The test results, the findings and observations as well as optimisation recommendations are recorded in an audit report and the conformity is confirmed in a certificate.

Requirement criteria for the standard light condition:
  • CIE reference illuminant
  • Illuminance Y
  • Uniformity Y on the viewing surface
  • Chromaticity ∆ u’v’
  • Colour rendering index Ra
  • Metamerism index MIvis
  • Metamerism index MIuv
  • Environmental conditions

Standard reference:

ISO 3664:2009
Graphic technology and photography — Viewing conditions
Grafische Technik und Fotografie – Betrachtungsbedingungen
Technologie graphique et photographie – Conditions de visualisation

  • CLIENT Production agencies, Printing works
  • Duration0.5 days on-site