ISO 2846-1:2017 – Colour and transparency of printing inks

ISO 2846-1 specifies the colour and transparency properties that must be fulfilled by each printing ink of a process ink series intended for proof and production printing in offset. The test is carried out under specified printing conditions (using a laboratory printing device), a defined substrate and a test method to ensure conformity. The test is applicable to inks for sheet-fed printing, heatset web printing and radiation-curing processes.

Target group:
  • Manufacturers of printing inks
  • Printing works

The testing service with the associated certificate of conformity is suitable for ink manufacturers who want an independent confirmation of the product properties of their ink series.

Furthermore, this inspection service is suitable for printers with the following objectives:
  • periodic optimisation of a standardised printing process
  • Comparison of printing ink series from different manufacturers
  • Periodic monitoring and control of ink batches to ensure the standardised printing process
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