Security printing

Ugra analyses security paper and banknotes and
checks the authenticity of products at suspected plagiarism.

Security paper

As an independent test laboratory Ugra is partner of paper mills in the area of security papers. We test the quality of specialty papers and their compliance with the stringent requirements of central banks. The specified properties within narrow tolerances serve the protection against counterfeiting and ensure a long life of the security documents.

  • Physical tests
  • Optical tests
  • Chemical tests
  • Production acceptance


When checking banknotes the life time of the banknotes as well as the functionality of the security features matters in particular. In our laboratory we can perform stress tests under controlled conditions and simulate and predict the life time of banknotes. Meaningful expertises help our customers to continually improve its products and adapt to changing demands.

  • Physical tests
  • Biological tests
  • Chemical tests
  • Optical tests
  • Printing production acceptance

ID cards and passports

Identity cards and passports have to meet stringent safety requirements in the age of globalized travel and increasing migration. For this Ugra checks the quality of the individual components as well as the life time of the entire product.

  • Physical tests
  • Optical tests

Directory of services

  • ISO 534 Thickness on paper
  • ISO 535 Water absorptiveness (Cobb method)
  • ISO 536 Grammage (basis weight)
  • ISO 1924-2 Tensile strength (dry)
  • ISO 1974 Tearing resistance (Elmendorf method)
  • ISO 2144 Residue (ash) on ignition at 900 °C
  • ISO 2470-1 ISO Brightness
  • ISO 2471 Opacity
  • ISO 2493 Resistance to bending (Taber)
  • ISO 2758 Bursting strength
  • ISO 3781 Tensile strength after immersion in water (wet)
  • ISO 4593 Thickness (polymer substrates)
  • ISO 5626 Folding endurance (Schopper)
  • ISO 5631 Colour (C/2° or D65/10°)
  • ISO 5636-3 Air permeance/Porosity (Bendtsen method)
  • ISO 5636-5 Air permeance/Porosity (Gurley method)
  • ISO 6588-1 pH value cold extraction
  • ISO 6588-2 pH value hot extraction
  • ISO 8254-1 Gloss 75° TAPPI
  • ISO 8254-2 Gloss 75° DIN
  • ISO 8791-2 Roughness (Bendtsen method)
  • ISO 8791-2 Smoothness (Bendtsen)
  • ISO 9184-1 Fibre furnish analysis
  • ISO 9184-3 Fibre furnish analysis (Herzberg)
  • ISO 15754 Tensile strength Z-direction
  • IGT 11.02 Crumpling test (dry)
  • IGT 11.02 Crumpling test (wet)
  • PVOH test
  • TAPPI T569 Internal bond strength

All mentioned test methods can be also performed acc. to TAPPI standards. Further test methods on request.

  • Magnetic properties
  • Security features of intaglio printing
  • Security features of letterpress
  • Security features of offset printing
  • Analysis under infrared light (IR)
  • Analysis under ultraviolet light (UV)
  • Bacterical and microbial analysis
  • Resistance to chemicals
  • CIE Lab colour
  • Fluorescence properties (UV)
  • Environmental simulation test (-40 up to +180 °C)
  • Double fold test and simple fold test
  • Resistance to heat (up to 360 °C)
  • IGT 11.02 Crumpling test dry
  • IGT 11.02 Crumpling test wet
  • ISO 105-B02 Colour fastness to artificial light: Xenon arc fading lamp test
  • ISO 6330 Wash machine test 30 °C
  • ISO 6330 Wash machine test 60 °C
  • ISO 6330 Wash machine test 95 °C
  • Life cycle test on banknotes
  • Limpness test
  • Oscillation test (security thread)
  • Varnishing (Pelikan test)
  • Abrasion test (inks and varnish)
  • Batch test (Anhaftung und Ankleben)
  • Surface analysis (contact or non-contact profilometer)
  • Adhesion test (Tesa Test)

Further test methods on request.

  • Acetone
  • Acetic acid
  • Boiling water
  • Deionised water
  • Biological detergent
  • Industrial detergent
  • Diethylene glycol
  • Ethyl alcohol (ethanol)
  • Hydrochloric acid
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Petrol
  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Sodium hypochlorite
  • Sulfuric acid
  • Artificial swaet
  • Ink Pelikan 4001
  • Test ink acc. to DIN 53126
  • Tetrachloroethylene
  • Toluol
  • Xylene

Further chemical test on request.

  • Banknotes
  • Cheques
  • Value paper
  • Certificates
  • Stocks
  • Identification cards, passports
  • Tickets
  • Brand packagings
  • Collectible items

Further authenticity checks on security documents on request.

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Ethical business practice

  • Ugra welcomes the efforts to prevent corruption, to improve compliance with anti-trust law within the banknote industry and supports the overall objectives of the Banknote Ethics Initiative.
    Mathias Schunke, Managing Director Ugra