Board of Ugra reconstituted

The Ugra Board of Directors has been reconstituted. René Theiler was already elected as the new President at the 2020 General Assembly as successor to Christoph Jäckle. Likewise, the election of board members Andy Amrein and Beat Steiner was confirmed in 2020, while Andreas Sidler had resigned from the board at his own request. Now the Board has been able to recruit three more members and has reconstituted itself.

With the new constitution, the board wants to represent important branches of the printing and media industry in which Ugra is active, especially with the accredited testing laboratory (STS 0455). Dr Daniel Schwarzbach, Sylvester Frick and Stefano Gazzaniga are new members of the board.

Daniel Schwarzbach is Director Innovation at Orell Füssli Ltd Security Printing and has many years of expertise in packaging and security printing. Sylvester Frick is Head of Strategic Packaging Development at the Ospelt Group and is also an expert in the packaging industry. Stefano Gazzaniga is Head of Innovation, Management, Environment at viscom, the professional and employers' association of the Swiss graphic arts industry.

René Theiler, Andy Amrein and Beat Steiner are already on the board. René Theiler (President) is Project Manager for technology and responsible for education at the Association of the Swiss Printing Industry (VSD). Andy Amrein is an entrepreneur and Managing Director at Kromer Print AG. Beat Steiner is Managing Director at Buchbinderei Grollimund AG.

The entire board of Ugra acknowledges the normative requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and commits itself to the assurance that the independence and impartiality of Ugra is maintained in the context of its testing and certification activities.