Information on the COVID 19 epidemic

To our customers and partners

Operating status:

Laboratory service: no impairment
All travel and visiting dates are suspended by 19 April 2020

Monday, 16 March 2020

The current situation during the COVID-19 epidemic requires immediate preventive measures that can influence operational procedures. The Confederation, cantons and the Federal Office of Public Health FOPH have recently issued legal ordinances to combat the COVID-19 virus ( Ugra follows the decrees without reservation and implements further measures in the context of an internal risk assessment.

At present the operation of the Ugra test laboratory is ensured without reservation. We will cancel events due to current cause and to ensure the prevention measures. We communicate an appropriate information to the respective stakeholders.

With questions you contact us please by E-Mail to On this page ( we will continuously update the status of our operational capability.

Mathias Schunke (Managing Director)

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