Testing of refuse bags

On behalf of the Swiss Association of Municipal Infrastructure SVKI (a section of the Swiss Association of Cities), Ugra tests the quality of refuse bags according to the OKS guideline “Quality and execution of refuse bags” (Official refuse bag). These must meet high requirements. The OKS guideline is intended for refuse bags that are available on the open market and aims to standardise household, commercial and industrial refuse bags in terms of quality.

During the periodical orienting test, Ugra checks the following criteria on the refuse bag foils:
  • Working capacity in tensile test (longitudinal/transversal)
  • Breaking strength ( longitudinal/transversal) at bottom seam, side weld seam and hem seam as well as tape seam/tension tape
  • Punching work
  • Dimension (width and length)
In the case of a full test (first-time testing of a product), the volume of the refuse bag can also be determined.