Verification of printed barcodes

From brand owners and manufacturers to packagers and retailers, people in all industries use barcodes to track their products from production to point of sale. A scanning error can have immense consequences, slowing down production lines and causing costly reprints, product wastage and chargebacks. So how can barcode manufacturers ensure that their codes are readable? How can they identify optimisation opportunities to adjust their coding processes, and how can they certify that their codes meet industry requirements?

Ugra’s testing laboratory can help. With our code testing systems we verify various code systems according to your application. You will receive a test report with a conformity protocol and, if desired, recommendations on how to optimise the identification of the codes in production from design to printing.

Test standards:

  • ISO/IEC 15415:2011 Information technology – Automatic identification and data capture techniques – Bar code symbol print quality test specification – Two-dimensional symbols
  • ISO/IEC 15416:2016 Automatic identification and data capture techniques – Bar code print quality test specification – Linear symbols
  • GS1 Specifikations