Ugra to present a speech on World Banknote Summit 2017

The World Banknote Summit, organized by Lighthouse Communications, takes place for the first time in Basel, Switzerland, from February 27 to March 1, 2017.

The banknote industry is in flux. New technologies, economic instability and society’s changing relationship with cash - to name but a few of the internal and external factors at play - are all taking their toll, with significant implications for Central Banks and the industry. Yet amongst this uncertainty, there is clear opportunity.

Identifying and understanding the drivers that are shaping the payment landscape and the role of banknotes in the future is no longer optional. The World Banknote Summit 2017 is the place to be to prepare for the future of the banknote industry.

Ugra proudly announces to present a speech in terms of quality test methods on banknotes during this exclusive event.