Ugra donates the 2021 HEIG-VD/comem+ sponsorship award

For the seventh time, Ugra has donated the sponsorship prize for the best Bachelor's thesis at HEIG-VD/comem+. The promotional prize was awarded to the winner Mr Jean Herbaut. The sponsorship award is intended to recognise young media engineers for special achievements in the context of the media industry.

Ugra, the Swiss Competence Centre for Print and Media Technology, donates the 2021 sponsorship award for outstanding bachelor theses in the context of the media engineering course at comem+/HEIG-VD. The honour is intended to recognise young students for special achievements in the context of the graphic arts industry for their work and to encourage them to actively shape the future of the print and media industry. The sponsorship prize is endowed with CHF 500 and is awarded annually to students of the comem+ department at HEIG-VD.

The prize winner, Mr Jean Herbaut, was honoured for his work entitled "Conceptualization and development of a MVP of a digital platform for the Sino-Swiss Collaborations Center". The sponsorship award was presented to Mr Herbaut during the ceremony on Thursday 9 December 2021.

Ugra Sponsorhip Award 2021

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