Lifetime test of banknotes

The test procedure is used to simulate the durability of banknotes printed on different substrate technolgies in relation to physical and chemical influences. The test can draw conclusions about how the durability of the banknote develops during circulation and how the optical appearance changes due to soiling.

The durability test consists of several partial tests:
  • Soiling and abrasion
  • Crumpling test
  • Determination of limpness
  • Determination of porosity
  • CIELAB colour measurement

The lifetime test can be carried out in different cycle stages:
  • Ultrasoft (1 cycle)
  • Soft (2 cycle)
  • Medium (3 cycle)
  • Hard (4 cycle)
  • Extreme (8 cycle)
  • Customized (n cycles)

Significance of the lifetime test:
  • Resistance of the banknote substrate
  • Resistance of the printing inks
  • Durability of the security features
  • Detection of possible vulnerabilities
  • Determination of potential for optimisation
  • Confirmation of conformity with product requirements


  • CLIENT Central Banks, Banknote Printers, Paper Manufacturers
  • StandardUgra Standard Operating Procedure