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2022 is the year in which Ugra celebrates its 70th anniversary (1952-2022). The association “Verein zur Förderung wissenschaftlicher Untersuchungen in der grafischen Industrie” was founded in 1952. Under the acronym Ugra®, borrowing the words “Untersuchungen” and “grafische” from the association’s name, it becomes a well-known brand worldwide.
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Ugra Sponsorhip Award 2021
Tuesday, 09 March 2021 / Published in Latest news, Media release
The Ugra Board of Directors has been reconstituted. René Theiler was already elected as the new President at the 2020 General Assembly as successor to Christoph Jäckle. Likewise, the election of board members Andy Amrein and Beat Steiner was confirmed in 2020, while Andreas Sidler had resigned from the board at his own request. Now
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